Speciality Coffee at The Peanut Vendor

Within the showroom we have a bustling speciality coffee shop which is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign. Our objective was to place ourselves on the coffee map as well as create a relaxed environment for locals and visitors alike. Overseen by our head barista Lukas, we select beans from small roasters that have a reputation for quality and flavour. You'll regularly find us serving and selling retail bags from Alchemy, The Barn and Sundlaug, amongst others. We keep coffees on rotation so we can keep it interesting for everyone.

- Our pastries and bread are delivered daily from local bakers Yeast and Bried.

- Northiam dairy provide us with unhomogenised dairy goods for the very best milk coffee and latte art. 

- Our tea has been sorted by Good and Proper Tea, who also started life in the same manner as our coffee bar, with a Kickstarter campaign. Their teas are all single estate and selected after many months of sampling at tea farms all over the world. We've been trained in brewing them the very best way to bring out their optimum flavours.

- Our incredible cakes are by Victoria Yum, who are based round the corner in Netil Market.

- Finally our food menu. Containing grilled cheese and our show stopping avocado on toast. 


 We open the doors at 8am Monday to Friday, 9.30am Saturday and Sunday.