Rex Appeal

Hello.  Lets take a moment to take a look at this fine looking chap.  His name is Niko Kralj and he is sat on the 'Rex' chair.  

The Rex chair was a folding chair designed by Niko, a slovene designer in 1952.  It was the first chair to be massed produced in Solvenia, over two million pieces were sold and it still remains a chair of cult status.  In 2004 there was an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) dedicated to the Rex chair.

Niko Kralj is to Solvenia what Aalto is to Finland and Eames is to America; and to mid-mod enthusiasts the Rex chair is right up there.  The influences on this bent ply wonder come from a Scandinavian modernist school of design.  Its formed ply makes for an ergonomic and comfortable design.  It folds up and has perforated slatts  making it lighter and easier to ship.  Most importantly its an absolute beauty.  Put it where you want, its gonna look great.  As garden furniture, a desk chair, at a dining table or as a lounge chair.

If only we had a few here at The Peanut Vendor.

Oh wait!

And here's another shot of that old charmer.